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    Final Year 2014 IEEE Projects

    Final Year IEEE Projects
    IEEE 2014 Projects
    IEEE 2014 Dotnet Projects
    IEEE 2014 Java Project
    IEEE 2014 Android Projects
    IEEE 2014 NS2 Projects
    IEEE 2014 MATLAB Projects
    IEEE 2014 CLOUDSIM Projects
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    We Help You With

     Inplant Training(IPT)
     Internship Training
     Corporate Training
     Custom Software Development
     SEO
     Research Work(Ph.d & M.Phil)
     Offer Courses.
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  • realtimeprojectsinchennai

    Real Time Projects

    Real Time project for dotnet
    Real Time project for java
    Real Time project for android
    Real Time project for php
    Billing software
    School Management software
    Hotel Management software
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    Web Development

    Website Development
    Website Re Design
    Website Maintanence
    Logo Design
    SEO Services
    Banner Design
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    Host Registration

    web hosting
    Windows hosting
    Linux hosting
    EMail Hosting
    Unlimited hosting
    1 GB Web Space
    5 Mail Accounts
    10 GB Mail Space
    PHP Support
    Asp .net Support
    WebMail / POP / SMTP / IMAP
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  • Domain Registration

    .com,.org,,.in,.net & etc..
    1 GB Web Space
    5 Mail Accounts
    10 GB Mail Space
    PHP Support
    Asp .net Support
    WebMail / POP / SMTP / IMAP
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Internship Training For Students@Wingztech

The Dream…Hire Experienced Employees who Require very little, if any,Training. Butthis Dream Conflicts with Reality. How can Organizationsmeetthe Needs of Today and Prepare the Workforce of the future? One Solution is to Develop a Quality Internship program.

What Is An Internship?

An Academic internship is a form of experiential education that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skill development in a professional setting. Students earn academic credit, orthere issome other connection to a degree‐granting, educational institution. This work/learning arrangementis overseen by a faculty orstaffmember of an educational institution and by a designated employee of an organization. The internship is usually the length or equivalent of an academic term,may be part‐time orfull‐time, paid or unpaid. An integral component ofthe experience that distinguishesitfromothertypes of work is one ormore forms ofstructured and deliberate reflection contained within learning agendas or objectives.


Designing an internship program that meets your needs:As varied as organizations are in age,size, industry and product,so too are theirinternship activities. How do you know what kind of programwill work bestfor you? Designing an internship programtomeet your needsis as easy asfive steps.

Step 1: Set goals:

• What does your organization hope to achieve fromthe program?

• Are you a small organization searching for additional help on a project?

• Is your organization growing quickly and having difficulty findingmotivated new employees?

• Are you a nonprofitthat doesn’t have a lot ofmoney to pay, but can provide an interesting and rewarding experience?

• Is your organization searching out new employees withmanagement potential?

A careful discussion withmanagement can create a consensus on programgoalsthat can be understood by all involved. The programand internship can be designed to bestmeetthose expectations. Asmany staffing professionals know, in orderfor a programto be successful, it willrequire the commitment ofmanagement.

Step 2:Write a plan:

Carefully plan and write out yourinternship program and goals. Managers,mentors,interns and university career centers are all going to be reading what you write aboutthe internship. Draft a job description that clearly explainsthe job’s duties. Do you wantsomeone for a specific project? What about generalsupport around the workplace? How about giving the intern a taste of everything your company does? Structure the internship ahead oftime so that you can be sure tomeet your goals and notfind yourselffloundering partway through. See the Internship PositionDescription laterin thismanual.

Step 3: Recruit an intern(s):

How will you find those ideal candidatesto fill yourinternship position(s)? The number‐one tip from those who have established programsisto get outthere early! This cannot be overemphasized to organizationsthat wantthe very bestinterns. Begin searching three to four months before you need a studentto begin. Starting early has other advantages: the longer you accept applications,the better your chance offinding the best person forthe job. The sooner you get one,the longer you have to forma good working relationship with him or her

Step 4: Manage the intern(s):

Once you’ve hired a worker, you put them to work,right? That’strue for interns as well as regular employees, but with an intern, you’ll be making an important first impression. The beginning days ofthe internship programare often its defining days. When you give themtheir firsttasks, you’re signaling what can be expected in the future. If you give themnothing or very little to do, itsends amessage thatthisjob will be easy—and boring. Interns don’t wantthat; of course, neither do employers. The organization of your internship programwill probably be the single most importantinfluence on an intern’simpression of your organization, and thus the chances that he orshe will come back. So how do you “plan forsuccess”?


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